SmarNovative Labs is established to work for smart and innovative ideas. We are very experienced in providing cross platform/Native mobile application and mobile games design and development services. We work in the following areas:-

  1. Mobile games (2D & 3D)
  2. Cross-mobile platform apps with Titanium SDK
  3. Apps in Android and iOS SDK
  4. Academic and Corporate Trainings in Mobile Application Development
  5. App Inventor, Google Cloud, StackMob, Facebook and Twitter api

Why choose us?

  1. Experienced in cross mobile platform design and development services
  2. Native development in Android and Iphone
  3. Top User Experience and User Interface
  4. Reliable Support


Smarnovative Labs has been a dedicated company willing to put extra initiative into our project to ensure the success of the program. They have put in many hours of their time and stayed within our agreed budget requirements. I will continue to work with Smarnovative Labs . - Barkley - MySGNL

Smarnovative Labs were excellent in developing our application on Titanium, so that we can deploy on both iOS and Android. I look forward to working with Smarnovative Labs again soon . - Mr. Keir - Sydney Deals

Smarnovative Labs have been excellent to work with. They not only acts as a developing team but also as a knowledge base that has assisted me in crafting a fairly complex app/solution. I consider Smarnovative Labs a very valuable partner and continue to work with them on a daily/weekly basis. Their accessibility and willingness to think outside the box make them unique . - Barkley - MySGNL