Believers of dreamsWe love having people with high aspirations on our team, people who seek not only company goals but also their own.

Believers of simplicityWe appreciate team members who approach problem-solving in a simple way, and who are never discouraged by new obstacles.

Believers of changeWe value individuals who are not intimidated by challenges that arise with change.

------ By Cheetah Mobile’s CEO, Fu Sheng

If you are thrilled by the following challenges and you feel you have what it takes to make it a success, please submit your CV including your picture today to hr_globaltalent@cmcm.com.

Position: Overseas Operation Manager

Location: Indonesia

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for localized operations and marketing strategies of the Video-Social APP in Indonesia, and responsible for the core KPI (such as the amount of new users, DAU, the Virus Spread Force).
2. Responsible for the local brand building, operation planning, and cooperating with local media partners in Indonesia to enhance the product brand influence and market share.
3. Responsible for collecting user feedback and continuously tracking the local competitors' products in Indonesia;
4. Specialized in data analysis, mining and grasp the needs of users at all levels, to help continuously improve products and user experience.

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of Internet product operations and marketing experience.
2. Fluent in English,preferably speaks Chinese.
2. Familiar with Indonesian local Internet community culture, experience of media, marketing or advertising planning is preferred.
3. Strong capabilities of event planning and business cooperation, and good organizational skills.
4. With entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and strong self-drive capability.

Preferred qualifications:
Chinese-speaking Indonesian natives or Chinese who is resident in Indonesia for 5+ years

Position: Regional Sales Lead/Director


Job Responsibilities:
1. In charge of mobile advertising sales in the region including the performance and branding ads solution selling.
2. As a sales lead/director, be responsible for achieving and exceeding goals and accelerating the longer term growth of our advertisers including performance advertisers, local Indian and International branding advertisers and media agencies with creative solutions in mobile marketing area.
3. Develop the strategy for long-term client relationships based on performance, effectiveness and expertise in the field.
4. Build and manage key external stakeholder relationships including top advertisers, agency partners and some key publishers in the India.
5. Define the strategy, set priorities, align and motivate the teams to deliver results & hire, train and develop customer-focused sales teams in order to deliver key results across customer experience and business growth.

1. 5+ years of experiences in digital marketing, advertising and media field, MBA is preferred.
2. Strong resources in local Indian and international branding field.
3. Well developed sales skills with strong ambition and strong adaptability to collaborate effectively across different culture teams.
4. Able to work under pressure and deliver results on time.
5. Willing and able to travel extensively including international travel.

Position: Head of Account Management, APAC


Job Responsibilities:
1. Be the lead for customer success, to manage the team to provide high caliber customer service which result in a continuous growth in key account spending.
2. Be the lead for partner/agency success, to manage the team to train and coach our APAC based resellers.
3. Be the Cheetah Ad platform expert, able to make constructive advice to customers to advertisers for optimization, including strategies for A/B testing, choosing traffic source, display ad format, etc to maximize campaign ROI.
4. Able to find the problems of cheetah's latest ad products timely and to propose suggestions.

1. 5+ years of experience in digital marketing,experienced in advertising platforms campaign management and optimization, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.
2. Bilingual (Chinese and English). Good verbal and written communication skills in English.
3. Experience in managing a team.
4. Experience in account service for APAC customers.
5. Strong sense of responsibility, well developed communication skills, and good sense of customer service.
6. Strong quantitative and analytical skills, be able to present high quality report to executive team.

Position: Cheetah Ad Platform - Account Manager

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, United States

Job Responsibilities:
1. Plan and implement mobile advertising campaigns on Cheetah Ad Platform, with campaign P&L responsibility.
2. Work closely with user experience team in creatives design.
3. Collect and analyze ads performance data, and curve out actionable marketing plans based on data insights.
4. Use analytic tools such as EXCEL to generate marketing reports.
5. Research mobile internet industry trends and competitive landscape.

1. Bachelors and more advanced degree, with at least 2 years working experience in online advertising industry.
2. Understand social marketing and online advertising products.
3. Outstanding problem solving skills, and excellent data analysis skills.
4. Good cross-functional communication skills, great team player.
5. Experience in Facebook Ads, Google Admob and DSP is a big plus.

Position: Business Regional Marketing Manager

Location: Singapore

Job Responsibilities:
1. Develop content strategy for our products, given our value proposition, competitive landscape, and general state of the mobile advertising space;
2. Drive engagement of new advertisers or resellers using Cheetah Ad Platform by leading development of high impact content and execution of scalable marketing campaigns;
3. Assist with all communication activities for SEA;
4. Collaborate with product, sales and marketing teams to create compelling communication strategies that illustrate the functionality and key benefits of our consumer and advertising products;
5. Develop close, productive relationships with local and regional journalists, bloggers, agencies and our key partners in SEA countries, and develop written materials, including story pitches, messaging guidelines, press releases, Q&As, presentations and speeches;
6. Create content that can be used by sales teams to generate new business, educate clients on new products/features and engage clients on innovative ways to drive awareness/sales via Cheetah Ad Platform.

1. 3+ years of experience in digital marketing, event marketing, product marketing, or advertising;
2. Strong in content development, messaging development and copywriting;
3. Strong creative perspective to bring fresh ideas to product positioning and marketing campaigns;
4. Experience in event marketing;
5. Comfort with a fast-paced, always-on, start-up environment;
6. Bilingual (English and Chinese,) Communicate effectively with clients in other Asian languages.

Position: Artist Management

Location: Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for coordinating the company's online celebrity / artist management, including the development cooperation framework, artist signing, comprehensive training, daily communication and other tasks.
2. Responsible for the development of the artist system design; develop an incentive system to meet the growth of artists;
3. Responsible for the artist's program quality, direct supervision and evaluation;
4. Develop a business plan for the online artists, including the plan to make the proposal executable;
5. Responsible for the communication and coordination between the artists and the company, including the co-ordination of the artists in various activities;
6. Responsible for the relevant cooperation and the signing of the contract of the company's proposed online celebrities or artists.

1. Japanese or Japanese international students preferred;
2. Familiar with the entertainment industry, familiar with the online or internet celebrities (artists/models, etc.) agent management workflow, related work experience is preferred;
3. Active user of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LINE, etc.
4. Familiar with the Japanese entertainment culture, familiar with all kinds of video and internet celebrity market is preferred;
5. Candidate who has the relevant resources in Japan is preferred.

Position: Activity Operation

Location: Beijing, China

Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the mobile phone community activity planning, operational data, effectiveness analysis;
2. Responsible for the daily maintenance of mobile phone community, new activities, the activity enhancement;
3. Responsible for the promotion of external activities, material, management of the push of the platform;
4. Help promote overseas cooperation, business exchanges, etc.

1. Have a good command of both Chinese and Japanese; Japanese who lives in Beijing is preferred;
2. Possess a clear thinking, excellent writing skills; candidate with film and television, music, entertainment products, operational experience is preferred;
3. Familiar with the Japanese national culture (including life, festivals, customs, music, entertainment, etc);
4. Familiar with the Internet user attributes, the depth of the Internet users;
5. Familiar with the ACG culture; relevant online and offline activities planning experience is preferred;
6. Likes to work with data, with experience in community operations; candidate with Japanese community operation experience is preferred.